Succeed with Brookside Coaching Partners

  • Career coaching leads to your success.
  • It brings you answers to the question of where to go from here in your career.
  • It gives you new perspective, increased focus, and recognition of your own accountability for growth and success.
  • It inspires you to change and helps you to implement solutions for change.
  • It provides a framework for you to gain insight, consider options, decide on direction, and develop strategies and actions that lead to results.
  • If you want to move forward with your career growth and make your success sustainable, then contact us.

Who We Are

Brookside Coaching Partners (BCP) is a career management and executive coaching practice. We offer proactive career management for mid and senior level executives and professionals who want to change their positions and companies to move forward in their careers. BCP brings focus, perspective and constructive feedback to your career objectives.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to help you develop a proactive career focus that will make your career changes possible and your success sustainable. BCP enables you to refine and articulate your goals, assess your strengths, and build then execute a comprehensive strategy to achieve those goals.

BCP helps you make sense of your career. We meet you where you are currently in your career, whether it is an assessment of your strengths, accomplishments, and knowledge; development of your career strategy; or execution of tactical aspects such as resume writing, developing a Linked In profile or using other social media tools, interview coaching or offer negotiation strategies.

Not sure what should be next in your career or how best to achieve it??

To arrange an objective half hour discussion of your career goals and strategy please Connect HERE.

This initial 30 minute consultation is available at no cost.